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Kazakhstan, Almaty, Бурундайская 93 Б

tel. 8 (727) 3848081, 3848102


General Properties

Temporary storage warehouse “Zholdostar firm”, ltd was founded in 1996.

  • It has 7580 m2 total area of temporary storage warehouses, including 3560 m2 of covered storehouses, and parking for up to 40 cars on its territory.
  • The storage floor space is 52 000 m2
  • Near-by territory area is 7.5 ha
  • The temporary storage warehouses’ capacity allows to handle up to 40 heavy haulers and 20 railway cars at a time.
  • The territory of temporary storage warehouses  is  supplied with the 20t lifting capacity mobile crane and 36t lifting capacity pneumatic-tired mobile crane, with 14 electric trucks and 10 diesel trucks with 3t lifting capacity  allowing the  load handling of railway cars, heavy haulers and containers.
  • The firm has a ramp for light vehicles unloading.
  • The storages are supplied with fire safety equipment.
  • Frozen products warehousing in cold stores with over 4000 m2 total area and  15 º -25 º storage temperatures.
  • 145m³ capacity and -45º-50º storage temperature freeze quenching cold store.
  • The railroad dock with up to 40 cars supply at a time.
  • The territory is enclosed and protected by paramilitary security services.